For many people, ice cream is a comfort food. It’s the specialty you treat yourself with whether it was a good or bad day, it’s the treat that brings emotional healing, and it makes for the perfect date in the summertime.

One of many things I miss about Maine summers during the colder months is the seasonal ice cream shops that I love to pop into for a cone. Buying a pint at the store will never be the same as getting a fresh cone from your favorite spot.

A favorite spot for many here in Maine is Lib’s Dairy Treats and if you’re like me and craving a seasonal cone, then Lib’s has a treat for you this weekend.

Lib’s Dairy Treats in Portland, Maine

The beloved ice cream shop recently posted on Facebook sharing that they will be open for one day this weekend.

The ice cream shop is closed all winter so this is a big deal!

This Saturday, Feb. 11, Lib’s will be open from 12 - 7 p.m. for all your ice cream cravings. As the post shares, they will have a strawberry specialty flavor, heart cookie sandwiches, and more for your Valentine's Day sweetie pie.

Lib’s is bringing summer back to us in the middle of winter and giving us a special treat for Valentine's Day.

This is your only chance to get your hands on a Lib’s dairy treat before summertime so don’t miss out on adding a little summer to your winter.

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