Ever have visions of fruit coming back to life, running amok and turning all your friends into zombies? Yeah, us, neither... Unless you actually live inside an episode of Veggie Tales, chances are that's never even crossed your mind. The only danger you'd ever realistically be in from eating fruit is if you are the wrong king of berries in the woods. Seriously, don't do that.

However, according to the Bangor Daily News, Maine's wild blueberry supply could be the one in serious danger here. There's a disease called Mummy Berry Disease (yes, you read that right) that turns fruit from it's juicy, tasty self into a shriveled, hard shell, and it's made an appearance in Deblois up in Washington County.

The BDN reports that if left unchecked, infected fields could lose up to 90% of their crops for the season. Worried researchers from the University of Maine have braved the infected areas, however, in hopes of stopping the disease in its tracks.

One way the researchers are hoping to stop the spread of Mummy Berry is by studying the behavior of bees in the area. The BDN quotes Professor Frank Drummond of the UMaine research team as saying "We don't really know a whole lot about the disease... We're trying to learn more about the ecology and the behavior of the bees so we can give the farmers a little bit more informed information about mummy berry." Doesn't sound like they've made a lot of headway, but at least someone's taking a stab at it.

Read the full Bangor Daily News article here.

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