Let's face facts, most people would rather not get up close and personal with a spider. There's just something about spiders that leaves people feeling anxious. Those creepy, crawly web-spinning invertebrates doing their best to give you nightmares. But if you're willing to give spiders a chance, there's some true beauty in their work. And that beauty was on full display with some perfectly crafted spider webs in Old Orchard Beach.

Shared on Facebook by Javon Lashae Clark, take a look at some of these masterpiece webs spun by spiders in the "reclaim plains" area of Old Orchard Beach. Each of these stunning webs has its own unique characteristics, all with finite detail. It's almost like each spider was a homebuilder who had a few different must-haves when it came to their web home.

Most people never truly get to sick back and marvel at a spider's creation because, well, we're walking right through their web. Whether it's a basement, a shed, some dark and dank place you've stumbled into, most of the time we're cleaning spider webs off of our forehead rather than staring with astonishment at one of nature's true engineering feats.

Javon mentions in her Facebook post that she walks this area of Old Orchard Beach with her dog every day and had never stumbled across so many perfect spider webs before. So if you're not riddled with goosebumps from fear, there's a place in Maine where you can watch spiders work their magic. And you don't even have to get that close.

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