What do you get when you put 2 feuding brothers in a band? Oasis... the fights, the break ups - and some of the best rock ever. Their debut album, Definitely Maybe, is almost 20 years old - but the band says nada to getting back together. Great Videos!

Hey, it's Trent, I love Oasis - how can you not love Liam & Noel? They write great songs, they're amazing performers and they fight like brothers - or worse. Check out this video - Noel talks about the backstage incident that officially ended the band. The Night Oasis Broke Up!

Oasis live is the best way to feel their dynamic sound - This is one of their hits from Definitely Maybe, Oasis Live! Glastonberry 2004, Supersonic

But it looks like - for now - the band is not getting back together. No Reunion For Oasis.