Trent Marshall

This Week in Music News!
There was a lot of music news this past week - Bruno and The Chili Peppers - Arcade Fire - to Steve Perry hinting at a Journey reunion - and the Beatles 50th Anniversary of coming to America. We have all the details of this week in music news.
Mainers Have a Long History in the Olympics!
It makes sense that Maine has sent many Olympic athletes to the winter games - we are a cold region that loves winter sports. But do you know how many Mainers competed? And how they did? Take a look at Mainers in the Olympics over the years!
Top 50 Big Game Ads of All Time!
The Big Game has it all - the game itself, the halftime show - and the ads. Some of the most anticipated commercials of the year debut on Big Sunday. Over the years, there have been some real memorable moments. Here are the top 50 ads of all time!

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