In a ridiculous viral video out of Pittsburgh, thieves are chased off by a store owner after he pulls out a massive sword.



This has to be the ultimate Scarface "say hello to my little friend" moment for this store. Two young dudes roll into your convenience store with a machete and totally think they're going to jack you up with their large knife and then, BOOM! You pull out a massive sword like you're Leonidas from the 300 movie ready to protect Sparta. Sick move. Bold move.

Did I mention that this happened in Pittsburgh? Like just your average convenience store where you might pick up a six-pack or your favorite candy bar but instead tonight there's a live action Hunger Games battle going on inside.

Shockingly, nobody was hurt in this altercation. Also just as amazing, the video quality coming out of a convenience store. Otherwise we'd never be able to witness this amazing machete vs. arabian sword battle. Thanks internet.