We’ve all seen moments when concert security get a little too rough with fans, but other times, security guards need to step in to protect an artist.

One insane instance occurred at one of Slash’s solo shows. While playing his iconic “Sweet Child O’ Mine” solo, a fan rushed Slash from behind, seemingly coming from the backstage area. As security went into hot pursuit and tackled the overzealous fan straight into the photo pit. Slash was knocked askew by the tackle, but picked his guitar back up like a pro.

The most ridiculous security vs. fan interaction fittingly took place at a Rammstein concert. With the German band’s stage spreading out into the crowd, one concertgoer tried climbing a platform to join Rammstein’s BDSM slave walk. Like a scene out of American Gladiators, one guard treated the platform like monkey bars and dragged the fan down into the depths of Hell.

What kind of moron pushes a musician while they’re playing? At an Oasis concert, a dude literally tried to push Liam Gallagher off the stage after running up behind the guitarist. Luckily, security was right there to tackle the intruder, with Liam Gallagher even trying to take a swing at the unruly fan.

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