Themed bars are nothing new.

In fact, they're so popular that they are constantly popping up not just around Maine, but all over the country.

You don't have to look far in Maine for an example of a themed bar, though, because one of the most popular sits just outside of Monument Square in Portland with the always-busy arcade bar, Arcadia.

In fact, another themed bar that's opening next month is what inspired this list.

Getty Images / Megan O'Hanlon
Getty Images / Megan O'Hanlon

Maine Cornhole Bar Opening Soon

Sometime next month (actually, probably within the month since so far, it's still slated to open in mid-August), a brand new themed bar will be opening in Lewiston -- a cornhole bar.

From what we hear, Sliders Sports Pub will open up on Lisbon Street inside of the Lewiston Mall and take over the old B&K Buffet space. According to WGME, Sliders will feature seven cornhole setups and a pro shop, along with the usual bar features we all love like pub food, drinks, spirits, and live entertainment.

And while we're excited for Maine's newest themed bar to open, it also begs the question -- why stop just at a cornhole-themed bar?

Because with the hype that Sliders Sports Pub is already getting, plus the success of other themed bars around Vacationland (especially during tourist season), why not open way more varied themed bars for locals and tourists to enjoy?

With that in mind, here's a baker's dozen list of suggestions of themed bars that could be really fun and hopefully thrive if they opened throughout the 207.

13 Themed Bars That Could Thrive if They Opened in Maine

Would you go to any of these?

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