I have a great job: excellent parking, superb coffee and the freedom to get out into Portland and get my hands dirty--looking for the nitty gritty of the city.  So far, quite the ride. Thanks for hitching along.This week, we're taking a different view of Portland, a.k.a. Resurgam City***. So, here's what to do: look at the view above, and tell me where you would be to see Portland from this angle.  Here's another view.

If you're the first to identify where you would be to see the city like this, I'll give you and your town props back here, Friday.  If you're not sure, take a ride and see what you can find out.  The hint I'll give you is, "In Days of Old."

Forge ahead!

***Ol' Resurgam city (that's Latin for 'I will Rise Again', the motto adopted after Portland bounced back from several huge fires.)



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