We've hit that time of the year in Maine where outdoor activities can officially be deemed an "acquired taste". If you're someone who doesn't enjoy the skiing or skating life, perhaps a cocktail or two is in order to keep you warm from the winter blues. Portland is home to a slew of bars that can do just that, including a rather large number of speakeasies. So let's take a speakeasy tour of Portland (without giving away any secrets).



Lincoln's is a few years old now but there are still plenty of people who have no idea how to find it. That's really part of the magic. The other part is that Lincoln's has managed to balance $5 cocktails and beers with delivering entertainment and atmosphere in a bar with no windows. Want to feel warm this winter? Lincoln's would be a very good choice.



If Game of Thrones was a bar in Portland, it would be Bramhall. Get your medieval vibes on while sipping on some craft cocktails and exceptional food. Bramhall is the only speakeasy in Portland that isn't located in the Old Port, but don't let that stop you. Find the staircase and get yourself warm. Winter isn't just coming, it's here.


The Bearded Lady's Jewel Box

The Jewel Box is a speakeasy in that it's quite challenging to find. That's done on purpose. The concept of the bar came from the owner and his friends drinking in his basement "speakeasy" with friends. Years later, the Jewel Box became a Portland favorite and if you can find it, you'll likely a wonderful time inside its cozy walls.


The Broken Dram

While strolling through Blyth & Burrows, you'll come across a door that seems a little out of place. Open it and walk down the staircase and you'll find the basement speakeasy known as The Broken Dram. On the weekends, you'll be getting up close and personal with the nearest stranger but the drinks are strong and the place is a party.


Pie North

Pie North is Portland's newest speakeasy and it comes with a complete different approach. Rather than finding yourself underground or in a basement, at Pie North, you'll find yourself in an "attic". Once inside, you'll be shot back in time with the retro decor while you challenge your friends at some of the classic arcade games Pie North has. A speakeasy arcade bar? Of course Portland has one of those.


Soon, Portland will have a sixth speakeasy as well. According to Portland Food Map, Lost & Found is set to open sometime early in 2020. It'll be the first speakeasy in Portland's burgeoning Bayside neighborhood.

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