Maine is unlike every other state in the country - we'd even venture a guess and say it's unlike anywhere else in the world. Though no one can quite put a finger on it, there's something special about our little corner of the Earth. Some say it's that we get a healthy dose of all four seasons (though we could sure use a little less winter). Some say it's the fact that we have so much untamed wilderness up here, and how it preserves the feeling of being on the frontier. Us, though? We say it's the quirky traditions Mainers carry around with them, even if they don't know it.

Don't believe us? Well check out this list of 5 unwritten laws that all Mainers seem to live by, like it or not. Some of these come from the lovely folks at, and some come from us lifelong Mainers here at WCYY.


man with a snow blowing machine working in winter day
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"If Thou Purchaseth a Snow Blower, It Shan't Snow the Rest of the Season"
That one is painfully true. I've seen it happen time and time again - really nice new snow blowers sitting off to the side of garages, completely untouched for almost a year. Granted, once that first season curse is up, it's well worth it. We just have to sit through the frustration first.


Maine on the Map
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"Thou Shal Own a Maine Atlas"
Seriously, doesn't everyone have one of these? With the genius invention of GPS, mine doesn't get a whole lot of use anymore, but it's still floating around in my car somewhere, like an old cup of coffee or that parking ticket I have yet to pay.



Highway Traffic Jam
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"Thou Shal Steer Clear of Massholes on I-95"
Mainers know this all too well, but it applies to our neighbors in New Hampshite and Vermont as well. It's like the old adage: not all drivers from Massachusetts are renegades, but all renegade drivers are from Massachusetts. Don't believe us? Just try driving on I-93 outside of Boston on a weekday.


Chris Kissel, Santa's Homeboy
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"Thou Shal Own at Least 12 Maine-Related Clothing Items"
I'm pretty sure Mainers are the only Americans to constantly be showing their state pride on their clothing. Just about everywhere you go, you'll find someone with a t-shirt with the shape of our state on it, or one of the ubiquitous grey "MAINE" sweatshirts that seem to be hiding around every corner. Seriously, I was just at the Fryeburg Fair last week, and I'm convinced that this is Maine's unofficial uniform.


Long Hair Mountain Bearded Men, Acadia National Park Shore, Maine
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"Once a Mainer, Always a Mainer"
This one could not be more true. We here at the station have had friends move away, only to be back a year later. "Not as cool as Maine" is usually the response. Unsurprising, given all of the awesome things we have going for us - a heaping helping of nature, cool cities, a strong artistic presence, and best of all, whoopie pies. Seriously. Whoopie pies.


Did we miss any silent truths about our home state? Let us know in the comments, and we might just make a list of ones you guys suggest!

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