I've had a great summer playing #PortlandQuest, happening on a few unknown spots, and a few that are too well known--Gold Street, for example! To wrap it up for the season, we're going fully historic... and I wonder about the skeletons in these closets.

Oh, Tommy...We Thought We Knew Ye
Oh, Tommy...We Thought We Knew Ye

Portland has a lot of old buildings that were built as family homes, that, after some rezoning along the way, have been repurposed as business locations. (So, a Portland store could have a super-fancy sign on the front, designating it as a historic location).

Take a crack at where this historic place is located in our fair city, and tell us what you know about it. If you're the first to identify it, I'll give you props on Friday when I tell you the answer.

As the esteemed Don Pardo would say: Thank youuuuu for playing the game!

Share your answers on our Facebook and Twitter pages with the hashtag #PortlandQuest.

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