Over the years, Bingas Windham has done some really great things. They've donated to causes, held fundraisers and of course kept the people who love tasty wings and cold beer fed and full. But they've also gotten plenty of attention for their sign in front of the restaurant. Sometimes the sign is serious, sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it's just plain evil. Here are 6 instances that we find to be downright delicious.


Not exactly a timely joke, but when the going gets tough, sometimes you really do have to cut people off. We're almost 100% positive that Lorena Bobbitt never said this, but she certainly proved to everyone that she's quite good at cutting people off.


This kind of low brow humor is just what you want in a place that serves wings and beer. Seriously. If a toilet humor sign about a WWE superstar doesn't make you want to stop in and cheers everyone, check your pulse immediately.


In the heat of last summer, everyone was looking for a place to escape and Bingas capitalized on that heat wave with this gem. Almost everyone has had a bad breakup, and this is the kind of deliciously evil sign that feels like revenge without ever having to do a single thing.


Occasionally, Binga's will post a sign that leaves some people saying, "hey, wait a minute!" Well, this one struck a nerve with a few people. Let's just call it a moment of reflection.


This is an instance of a Bingas sign that left people tagging their friends in the comments who know twins or who are a twin and demanding an answer on the spot. Must have led to some really fun dinner conversations.


Everyone celebrates Father's Day differently and Bingas wanted to give a shout out to all of those hard working door-to-door guys that may not even realize there's a special day for just for them. Until that piece of mail arrives.


Those are just some of our favorites and hopefully, there will be a dozen more to smirk at in the coming years.

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