As the summer came to a close, infectious disease experts warned that a second "wave" of COVID-19 could begin to spread amongst communities in Maine. Reasons experts were worried including fatigue over the virus and overconfidence because Maine had been one of the leaders in the country in quelling the virus. Some of those worst fears have struck Portland, as 7 different restaurants from the Old Port to outer Forest Avenue have temporarily closed due to possible exposure to COVID-19.


Gritty's took to their Facebook page to announce they would be temporarily closing after an off-duty employee tested positive for COVID-19. Gritty's plans on hiring an outside company to perform a deep clean on the restaurant and will announce a reopening shortly. This only affects the Portland location.


Rosie's took to social media to announce that they had an employee test positive for COVID-19 on October 29th. Rosie's decided to take the cautious approach and close their doors so they can perform a deep clean and disinfect before reopening again.


East Ender

The East Ender took to Facebook to announce that during a weekend of service, someone infected with COVID-19 had visited the restaurant. East Ender made the decision to close until November 9th so that their staff can ensure their own health and so that the restaurant can be further cleaned.

Samuel's Bar and Grill

Samuel's on Forest Avenue in Portland announced on social media that a part-time employee had tested positive for COVID-19. Samuel's believe the employee had minimal contact with anyone, but decided to temporarily close to make some physical changes inside the restaurant and perform a deep cleaning.

DiMillo's On The Water

The legendary DiMillo's On The Water announced on Facebook that an employee of the restaurant had tested positive for COVID-19. The restaurant decided to temporarily close their doors to allow the CDC to investigate and perform a deep cleaning for a safe reopening in the near future.

Two other Portland restaurants had reported possible COVID-19 exposures last week. Those restaurants promptly closed and have since tested their staff and reopened their doors.

N To Tail


N to Tail announced on Facebook on October 23rd that one of their employees came into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. After closing briefly, N To Tail reopened with the CDC's confidence.

Bar of Chocolate

The Bar of Chocolate announced on Facebook that a patron of their establishment had informed them that a close contact had received a positive COVID-19 test on October 24th. The Bar of Chocolate promptly closed down, performed a deep clean and tested their employees. After a few days closed, the establishment reopened over the weekend.

If you have been to any of these establishments in the last two weeks and feel as though you may have symptoms of COVID-19, please seek a test for the virus immediately. Otherwise, continue to be smart and safe, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

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