If you've ever dreamed of seeing the entire eastern coast of the United States without being confined to a car, there's good news coming your way. There is a dedicated 3,000 mile bike trail being built right now that will stretch from where the Canadian border meets Calais, Maine, all the way to the sunny beaches of Key West, Florida.

According to Country Living, a non-profit organization called East Coast Greenway Alliance is constructing a bike path that will pass through 15 states and roughly 450 communities as a way for cycling enthusiasts to enjoy the bike ride of a lifetime. And if you think this sounds like an impossible feat, it's not. The trail is almost one-third complete right now.

In fact, here in Maine, there's a 350 mile route for you to discover right now. The Down East Sunrise Trail is now open, which spans 85 miles of beautiful coastline starting in Calais. From there, you'll find a spur in the town of Ellsworth, where you can continue down the coastline or work your way through a shorter route towards Bangor. Ultimately, both routes meet again in Portland at the Eastern Trail. Soon, the Eastern Trail will be traffic-free from South Portland all the way to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

So are you up for the challenge? Have a few vacation days you need to burn up at work? Pack your small bag, check the weather and get ready to bike down the east coast. It won't be just a pipe dream anymore.

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