So many beautiful dance styles that exist in the world...and then there's twerking. Not typically featured here for any reaction-stirring signs, a small dance studio in Gorham, Maine had a message for everyone (and maybe the college students at USM nearby).

Reddit via eagerland
Reddit via eagerland

Shared on Reddit by eagerland, the Dance Studio of Maine is clearly not a fan of twerking. And rather than offer up a six step program to get you to cut that out of your life, they've offered up one single step, RECONSIDER.

Our take: no problem with twerking whatsoever as long as its someone else. But you really don't want to be that half-in-the-bag person that shows up on Snapchat or Instagram or Facebook, thinking you're setting the dance floor on fire with your twerk skills, but in reality, that's something nobody needs to see again...or ever. Try a nice salsa instead.

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