Nobody thought that drive-in or drive-up events would become the most popular game in town again but here we are. In an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy, especially during the holidays, events are popping up all across Maine that still share the essence of the holidays while keeping us in the car with our family or friends. One of those events takes place in the Town of Monmouth and it's completely free to visit each and every night.

Shared on Facebook by Monmouth Lights, you're welcome to bring a car load to 74 Warren Avenue in Monmouth. Each night through December, there's a 21 minute light show that repeats from 4:30pm until 9pm. Visitors are asked to tune their radio to 91.7 during the light show to maximize the effect, as the house "dances" to the different songs throughout the show. As the show progresses throughout the month, Monmouth Lights will be adding new songs to the mix.

This event has become quite popular over the last decade and Monmouth Lights asks that visitors respect the neighborhood and the road the show takes place on. There are roadside signs that will direct people where to park so that access for other cars just passing through remains open.

So if you're looking to get out of the house and do something fun and free, plan your visit to Monmouth Lights.

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