Lots of people like to spend time with family in the summer in a variety of different ways. Rarely though, do you see families spend time by getting arrested together. According to the Bangor Daily News, that's exactly what happened to a pair of brothers and their father on Saturday night in Limington.

Police reported that the family had been shooting guns on the property of 64-year-old Walter Sellick. After some alcohol consumption and an argument, things spiraled out of control between the two brothers, 37-year-old Joshua Sellick and 39-year-old Jeremy Sellick. Initially, it was a just a physical confrontation between the two, but eventually Joshua retrieved a shotgun from his truck and shot at his younger brothers vehicle.

Joshua then attempted to leave the scene, but his brother Jeremy was also armed and began shooting at Joshua's car as he attempted to flee causing Joshua to lose control of his vehicle and crash into a ditch. By chance, two off-duty police officers happened to be nearby, and responded to the scene.

Additional police were called to the scene after the initial responders realized that they were in the middle of a family dispute that involved firearms. After a brief standoff, Walter and Jeremy surrendered to police. Deputies found a total of 8 guns in Walter Sellick's home after the arrests were made.

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