You've probably heard the phrase "not all heroes wear capes", and that phrase rang true in the curious case of a trapped skunk in Hampden, Maine, on Wednesday. That's because without an unidentified superhero dressed in blue scrubs, an unfortunate circumstance could have spelled the demise of an agitated and frustrated skunk.

Looking for food

Shared on Facebook by Hampden Public Safety, they received a call on Wednesday morning from a concerned citizen that witnessed a skunk struggling with a plastic container stuck on its head. The police department jumped into action, admitting that they secretly hoped that a game warden may be nearby to take a potential stinky skunk encounter off their hands in the early morning.

Doctor in scrubs uniform reading patient notes or medical chart

Alas, the police department's unease over the situation was for naught, because a zero emerged as they arrived on the scene and the smelly situation was quickly resolved. The police department described an unidentified woman dressed in blue scrubs descending on the trapped skunk, swiftly moving in and removing the plastic container from its head, and stealthily backed away without being sprayed by the fearful skunk. In fact, the skunk may have been fully appreciative of the act of bravery, and rather than spraying anyone or anything, it spent its energy scurrying into the woods at record speed.

The Hampden Police Department decided to share the story with the public in hopes that the anonymous hero would see their appreciation for doing the dirty work and potentially saving the life of a skunk that got a little in over its head.


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