Cinco De Mayo is on Tuesday, and here in Maine we're all trying to figure out ways to celebrate differently this year thanks to the global pandemic. That has led to some serious creativity for lots of places, including a family-owned business in Turner. So, if fish tacos and a shot of tequila aren't your thing, perhaps devouring one of these mouthwatering treats is more up your alley.

Shared on Facebook by Canty Cow Creamery, what you're looking at is a premium dessert taco. A waffle cone folded to perfection to mimic a tortilla shell, and the filling is Canty Cow Creamery's homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream. You can skip the rest of the toppings because these tacos are ready to be eaten right now.

Canty Cow Creamery first shared their creation on Sunday and by later that day, they had sold out of their stash of dessert tacos. Fear not, they plan on making more for curbside pickup on Tuesday. They were even taking requests for different flavors besides mint chocolate chip on their Facebook page.

Canty Cow Creamery is a family-owned creamery located in Turner, Maine.

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