Travel around Maine long enough, and you'll encounter dozens of mobile digital speed limit signs throughout many cities and towns in the Pine Tree State. Those speed limit signs are placed strategically throughout the year to remind motorists of just how fast they're going and what the actual speed limit is on a particular road. Drivers often get frustrated at the reminder of their speed blinking at them, and apparently one motorist got frustrated enough to steal the entire mobile speed limit sign and trailer in the small town of Woodstock.

Shared on Facebook by Town of Woodstock, Maine, the town let the cat out of the bag that their only mobile digital speed limit sign had been stolen. Its last known location was on Gore Road near the neighboring town line of Greenwood. Woodstock joked that perhaps someone only "borrowed" the sign as a way to determine how fast they run or to test their arm strength for baseball season. In reality, mobile digital speed limit signs are expensive, and the town is hopeful that someone will simply return it.

Whomever stole the sign definitely really wanted it. In the comments section of the post, the Town of Woodstock explained that the mobile speed limit sign was actually chained up where it was placed on the side of the road. This means that whoever removed the sign had to cut the chains beforehand. Not only that, but the sign belongs to the town, not the police department, which is why the town is suggesting that someone simply return the sign and everybody will call it good. Woodstock is also offering a $100 reward for any tips that lead to the sign's retrieval.

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