A local Maine woman, about 25 miles North of Bangor has had some special guests making their way into her backyard. Luckily, she has a game camera. A game camera is like a cool night vision cam that is used to pick up footage when we’re all snoozing if any wildlife happen to stumble upon your property. Anything from deer, raccoons, lions, tigers or bears. Oh my. This is according to a post she made on a popular Facebook page called, Maine Wildlife.

Elle is not a stranger to these house guests and better yet, she welcomes their exciting company, but she has to keep her distance. I am talking about, bears. Maine Black bears to be specific. I was able to chat with Elle and she told me that bears visit her frequently. She has photos of a black bear from last year that was adorable, standing on two legs trying to get food out of a bucket hanging from a tree. I was blown away by the photos

Elle told me that she,

“wants him protected as so many think they are dangerous. I’m blessed every day to see the wildlife that comes to my backyard. We have a pond so it’s a great environment for them!”

As Elle state to me, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Apparently these beautiful creatures are attracted to her yard for some reason. It could be her welcoming energy and great respect that she has for these animals. To let them graze naturally without fear of harm is a wonderful thing.


Elle Cee via Facebook
Elle Cee via Facebook

Now, I am not saying that you should purposefully do anything to leer a bear or any possible dangerous animal to your home, obviously. Since we live in Maine, we all know you should run up to a bear and ask for a hug.

But just to refresh you, you can visit this link on Maine.gov for more information. Elle is a witness and she watches the bears as they forage and chill in her rural Maine yard.

Sometimes just being a witness to such a powerful creature, is almost god-like. It gives you a inside look on how they live. So cool.

She has even a couple of caught them on her game camera! Check out the gallery below of the bears that love her backyard!

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