A new craft brewery opening soon in Portland is taking a very unique approach. 1820 Brewing Company will be one of the very few craft breweries specifically making non-alcoholic beer.

1820 Brewing via Instagram
1820 Brewing via Instagram

The Portland-based company already has four styles on the market. It includes a blonde ale, raspberry sour, pale ale, and IPA. According to portlandfoodmap.com, the beer will be distributed locally, and can already be found in the popular UFO Store in Naples.

Non-alcoholic beverages have been quite the rage as of late. While "mocktails" and sparkling ciders have been in the market for some time, the beer industry had always seemingly looked down on the non-alcoholic industry. However, the days of O'Doul's being the lone option for non-alcoholic beer drinkers is finally been put to pasture. Local and national companies are realizing the potential of this untapped market.

This includes the upcoming 1820 Brewing, along with Kit NA Brewing, Portland's first alcohol free brewery that opened in 2021. The two will help lead the charge of the growing non-alcohol beer movement in Maine and beyond.

According to Portland Food Map, 1820 Brewing was founded by Alan Lapoint, who is also the current owner of the oldest brewery in Maine, DL Geary's Brewing. Lapoint has been running Geary's since 2017. Geary's Brewery can be found on Evergreen Drive in Portland.

No actual address has been provided for a brewery or tasting room at this time for 1820 Brewing. However, it is expected that the beer will be available in more stores around the state soon enough. You can read more about it here.

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