Hope you enjoyed those seasonable temperatures recently, because a polar vortex is about to send all of statewide here in Maine into a lengthy deep freeze starting on Sunday. All of next week, everyone can reasonably expect temps to top out in the mid to upper 30's and overnight lows could be in the low to mid 20's. Yuck.

So if you haven't busted out your real winter gear, head to the attic or basement this weekend and grab it. If you're placing markers alongside the driveway for your plow guy, do it before the ground gives in to the cold. Oh, and if that deep freeze well before we should be freezing wasn't enough for you, it looks like a storm system is heading our way for Tuesday night.

Coastal Maine and portions of southern Maine will be spared but central and northern Maine could get walloped, In fact, we're already feeling sorry for our northern Maine friends, who could get hit with another foot of snow even though winter doesn't officially kick in for another month.

Check the oil supplies, fire up the wood stove, and make you've got Red Dead Redemption 2 because you may be spending some serious time indoors next week. Great.

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