Under most circumstances, when you think about ordering a 'flight' of an item, it's going to be beer, wine, or some sort of alcoholic beverage. Beer flights are incredibly popular in Maine thanks to the state being home to so many incredible breweries. But standing right next to beer on the popularity list is lobster. Specifically, lobster rolls. While you can order flights of beer all across Vacationland, flights of lobster rolls just don't seem to be a thing. Or are they?

Shared on Facebook by Eventide Oyster Co, they've decided to up the lobster roll game in Portland by offering three different variations to the New England classic. The first offering is a ginger-scallion roll featuring large chunks of lobster delicately mixed with fresh ginger and scallion for a little bite. Their next offering is a brown butter lobster roll. For those that love fresh lobster in butter, this roll brings that flavor profile into a lobster roll. Their third and final offering is a lemon, dill, and mayo lobster roll. This is a more traditional preparation you'd find in Maine with a little Eventide Oyster Co. chef's kiss upgrade.

For a limited time, Eventide Oyster Co. in Portland is offering all three variations in a lobster roll 'flight'. As with many restaurants in Portland, this lobster roll 'flight' is subject to availability of ingredients. Additionally, the market price for lobster in Maine is high at the moment, so be prepared to a pay a little bit more this summer than in year's past.

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