For nearly four years, the once crowded space at 51 Wharf Street in Portland's Old Port has been dormant. That'll change in 2020 as according to the Portland Press Herald, a new tavern from some familiar faces to Westbrook and Portland is set to open in the spring.

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The new tavern is tentatively called Wharf Street Rathskeller, a German word meaning a bar or restaurant located in the basement. In some ways, this new tavern will be just that, located in the basement. For those that remember the old 51 Wharf Street and Ultra Lounge that previously existed in the space, Wharf Street Rathskeller will take over the portion that was a few steps underground.

The new tavern will feature a large u-shaped bar that can seat up to 20 people. There were tables filling out the remainder of the tavern for an additional 25 possible seats. This tavern will be owned and operated by the same group behind Legends Rest in Westbrook. Some members also have a stake in Tomaso's Canteen in Portland as well. Wharf Street Rathskeller is slated to be a step up from those two comfy establishments but still very inviting.

Since 51 Wharf Street has been dormant for so many years, significant renovations will need to take place before the new tavern can open. The expectation is an opening sometime in May.

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