With only occasional car or pedestrian sightings, this amazing drone video captures a virtually empty city of Boston late last week.

"In response to Boston’s economic and social downturn, Michael Holzwarth of Waltham brought his drone downtown to capture striking shots of the largely empty city. He shot the footage last Friday and Saturday, during mild spring weather that would typically turn out crowds of shoppers and commuters."

Boston.com also explains why this video is so well done.

"Holzwarth works as a hospitality consultant, but he also shoots drone footage with Above Summit, a Boston-based studio. He’s worked on projects like the critically-acclaimed 2019 mystery Knives Out, shot here in Massachusetts. Holzwarth posts his own work on his Instagram account @instah_drone."

Watch "A Wicked Vacant Boston".

It's a truly haunting thing to see all these places we know like Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Fenway Park with little to no human activity.

Some day in the future when we're years after this pandemic, this will be an even more impactful capture of history.

Just wow.

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