When will people learn? It's best not to tangle with Aaron Lewis at a show, as the Staind vocalist and solo artist is quite adept at dealing with hecklers.

As seen in the TMZ video below, Lewis had enough of an audience member at the 8 Seconds Saloon in Indianapolis and decided to give the guy a taste of his own medicine, much to the delight of the crowd.

Lewis calls for the guy's removal at the top of the clip. He later explains, "We're playing a song and right in the fucking song 'Broke Me,' you're yelling out a different song, you fucking piece of shit." He added, "I see somebody lighting him up for me. See that bald motherfucker right there? Make sure that his walk out to his car this evening is not all that enjoyable."

According to Lewis, he gave the guy "two free passes" before taking action at his interruptions. "I tried to be understanding," says Lewis. "I get it. Alcohol is a motherfucker, but goddamn. It's so fucking rude."

This isn't Lewis' first time dealing with an audience member. In 2015, he reprimanded a beer-tossing crowd member, stopping a show until they were removed. In 2014, while with Staind, he also challenged some crowd members who were groping a teen surfing teenage girl.

Lewis is currently supporting his country career, taking part in the "Sinner" tour. With 2018 now officially in the books for Lewis, he'll resume touring Jan. 24 in Dallas with dates booked all the way into July. See his upcoming stops here.

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