The Cumberland County Regional Communication Center in Windham is where your 911 call is answered if you are in Cumberland County.

They are there to make sure you quickly get the help you need in an emergency, but in addition to all the emergency calls they receive they get a lot of hangups too.

From June 1 to July 15 they had over 1000 hangups from cell phones. Every single one of those hangups has to be investigated to find out if the person making the call is in an emergency.

They will try to call you back, text you, and even try to find you through your cell phones location until they know you are safe.

Mistakes happen, but the Cumberland County Regional Communication Center asks that if you call 911 accidentally, that you stay on the line and wait to speak with a dispatcher. They would much rather hear from you that the 911 call you made was an accident because it saves precious time spent trying to hunt you down to find out if you are okay.

If you are, then no harm done and you just saved them that valuable time. Time that could be spent on helping others that have an actual emergency.

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