One of the most memorable and photographed landmarks in Biddeford is ready to reemerge from a two-month renovation as well as a pandemic that hamstrung business. The Palace Diner, one of the last true throwbacks to yesteryear that still stands in Maine is set to reopen this Friday, June 25th with indoor dining available.

Shared on Instagram by Palace Diner, the nearly century-old diner needed an overhaul in some key areas. The owners of the popular dive decided to use the restrictions on indoor dining and turn it into a positive. They closed the entire restaurant and began substantial renovations on the kitchen area, replacing everything from walls and floors to electrical and plumbing. The hope is that the substantive renovations will allow the diner to stay operational and up-to-code for the next 100 years.

For those worried that the renovations included losing some of the old charm patrons have come to know and love, fear not. Palace Diner will still be home to that classic diner feel and while there will be some new stuff to enjoy, there's still going to be plenty of old stuff that the owners wanted to hold onto just as bad as you did. The Palace Diner has updated their operational hours moving forward and will almost certainly continue to be a destination visit for both locals and tourists passing through Maine.

So get ready to grab yourself an omelet with Palace potatoes or a really yummy tuna salad melt because one of Maine's most iconic restaurants is back and ready to go.

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