Alkaline Trio drummer Derek Grant, who had been with the Matt Skiba-led punk icons for 22 years, announced Tuesday (June 8) that he was leaving the band, with the outfit subsequently wishing him well in his future endeavors.

Grant plays the drums on most of Alkaline Trio's studio efforts, including such albums as Good Mourning (2003) and Agony and Irony (2008). Before joining Alkaline Trio in 2001, Grant performed with groups such as The Suicide Machines, Gyga and Thoughts of Ionesco. Grant has also released solo material under his own name. (Skiba, who replaced Tom DeLonge as guitarist-vocalist in blink-182 through 2022, recently started a new band called LEKTRON with AFI and Against Me! members.)

"It is with mixed emotions that I've decided to step down as drummer for Alkaline Trio," Grant says in a statement. "The demands of being in a touring band have become increasingly difficult in recent years, and while this was a difficult decision to make, it's the best thing for me and my mental health."

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The drummer continues, "I want to thank everyone who's supported the band. Alkaline Trio has the best fans in the world — many of whom I've gotten to know over the years. I'll miss seeing you all. I also want to thank Blair Dickerson for being a true friend and a great manager."

He adds, "Most of all, I want to thank Matt and Dan for 22 amazing years I got to travel the world playing music with two of my best friends, and the bond that we share can never be broken. I wish them all the best moving forward. While I'll be focusing more on production music and visual art, I promise you haven't heard the last of me."

The band says, "In light of Derek's decision to step down as a member of the band, we'd like to send our love and thanks for everything he contributed. It's impossible to put into words all he's done, but we are endlessly proud of what we have accomplished with one another. Beyond the music, we appreciate all our memories — the tours, traveling the world, spending weeks making music in the studio, everything. We love you, Derek, and hope your next chapters will be filled with success and happiness."

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Drummer Derek Grant Leaves Alkaline Trio After 22 Years - June 8, 2023

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