The Home Depot has always had a military discount benefit. However, it wasn't until just this week that The Home Depot announced that the discount has now been expanded.

The retailer revealed the new policy on their website that will now include all U.S. veterans, active military service members, and their spouses every day.

So, yes, that means if you shop at one of the 11 Home Depot stores in Maine or one of the 20 stores in New Hampshire, that military discount benefit can be applied there.

Before, the 10 percent military discount was only available inside Home Depot stores and not online. Also, previously, spouses were not eligible.

According to The Home Depot website, now, all U.S. veterans, active service members and spouses who pre-register for the benefit using the Home Depot app, now receive a 10% discount on their purchases, both in stores and also online.

This is just another way that The Home Depot, which has been recognized as a military-friendly company for the past 19 years, can continue its commitment to those that protect our freedom.

We know the discount isn't the only time they've done it, too.

Just looking back only a few years, in 2016, the Home Depot provided grant money to help fund the Cabin in the Woods project in Maine, according to a press release from Volunteers of America. This project was all about providing permanent housing for homeless veterans and their families, the website stated.

Or in 2019, when The Home Depot helped to fix a veterans center in Windham, according to WGME.

For a list of Maine stores, click here.

For a list of New Hampshire stores, click here.

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