With the New Year upon us and winter well underway, Maine's lakes and ponds are just starting to freeze over, and for many Mainers and visitors alike that means...."bring on ice fishing season!"

One of the things you need to keep in mind and can never be stressed enough is that ice conditions are always changing and they can vary from day to day and from one place to another. A good tip for the start of the season is to focus on those smaller bodies of water like ponds as they usually freeze first.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife offer some great resources and tips on their website.

Personally, I love cold water species and brook trout in January. It really is the perfect time to target Maine's beautiful brook trout.

The MDIFW suggests "Try fishing in less than 5 feet of water with a small hook, small bait such as a minnow or trout worm, and over a gravel bottom or near a rocky structure."

Another thing that works really well is Jigging, it significantly increases your chances of catching fish. Spoons, Swedish pimples, and cast masters are always a good go-to to jig off the bottom for lake trout or brook trout.

If you are just introducing someone to the sport of ice fishing, species such as bass, pickerel, and perch are perfect for beginners, oh and make sure to dress warm it can get cold out there pretty fast!

Happy New Year!

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