One of the largest retailers in the world will finally begin to collect Maine sales tax. When does it begin and how will it affect you?Maine was one of the final states in the country to not have sales tax collected by Amazon when purchases were made online. Starting April 1st, that will all change. According to WMTW, the change in tax collection will make Amazon purchases marginally more expensive for consumers moving forward.

For those that fill out their own taxes, you probably already know that there's a section that asks what you purchased from online retailers and how much it cost. From there, the state then collects the sales tax due on those purchases. But as online shopping has increased, Maine has begun to feel the pinch of those who may not being forthright in how many online purchases they're making.

Amazon will now alleviate that problem for the state as well as people who may not remember or keep track of everything they're buying online. Amazon will determine sales tax by where the item is shipped, so if you're in New Hampshire but shipping to Maine, you'll pay the tax.

Gift card purchases are exempt from the online sales tax since Amazon can't presume where you'll be using the gift card, and so consumers are not "double-charged" for their purchases.

Once again, this Maine sales tax change goes into effect April 1st.

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