Something that has not happened since 1936 could happen again if the Boston Bruins defeat the St. Louis Blues to win the Stanley Cup.

It's a rare feat to be able to have one city's professional sports teams all win championship titles in their respective sports in the same season. If the Celtics hadn't lost to the Bucks in the NBA Conference Semifinals earlier this month, New England fans may have had a shot of seeing all four of their teams win a championship in the same season. That won't happen, but we still have a shot at three championships.

The Red Sox won the World Series, the Patriots won the Super Bowl, and now the Bruins are in a position to win the Stanley Cup. If they do, Boston will be the first city to have three teams win the championship in the same season since 1935-36.

That season, Detroit managed to take down three championships with the Tigers winning the World Series in 1935, the Lions winning the NFL Championship in 1935 and the Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup in 1936.

History is about to be made!

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