First off, we're not here to judge anyone for what they like to do in their spare time. Some of us like sporting events, happy hours, a good hike etc. Others enjoy activities that are best left behind closed doors. That includes activities that may require some additional equipment to reach its full potential. But if you're going to list that specific piece of equipment in an online yard sale, you MAY want to leave a few details out.

This ad was passed along to us by a listener and was posted on Facebook in the private group called South Portland Maine Sell It. the "swing set" listed appears to be in working order and likely would serve another person very well if they were looking for such a specific item. But there's one part of the ad that just seems a little concerning to us.


Ok, you lost us right there. When it comes to equipment of this nature, either it's stained or it's not, there's no "slightly". Oh, and we definitely didn't need the humblebrag about daily usage.

We're not sure if this collectors item is still available for purchase, if it's already been snapped up, or if it's even legitimate. But I guess one person's trash is another person's treasure, right?

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