I have always loved posting up at a coffee shop, sipping on a little cappuccino, and getting work done. There are a plethora of cafes scattered around Portland perfect for a day spent like that but it can be hard to score a seat in the small, crowded shops.

Most of my time is spent in downtown Portland but as soon as I leave the city walls I am clueless about where to go. I recently needed somewhere to post up and be productive and I am thrilled to have stumbled into the Roots Cafe in Westbrook.

Roots Cafe, Westbrook Maine

Sitting right outside of the center of Westbrook, Roots Cafe is large in size compared to other cafe shops in the area. I always get nervous walking into a cafe wondering how I’m going to find a seat or the nightmare of not being close enough to a power outlet.

Roots Cafe is extremely spacious, offering plenty of tables inside along with a large outdoor patio and rooftop deck when weather permits. With free wifi, plenty of outlets, and accommodating space, it’s the perfect set-up to meet up with friends for a coffee or hunker down to get some work done.

Sacrifice the Gluten, Not the Taste

Not only is the cafe an accommodating place for its environment but it will also accommodate your dietary needs with its strong emphasis on health. They source local, quality, fresh ingredients and make most of their products from scratch in-house.

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Plus, they’re entirely gluten-free. I’ve had bagels and sandwiches there and I would have had no idea they were GF if I hadn’t been explicitly told. My personal history with GF products is that they just simply don’t taste very good, but Roots Cafe has figured out how to meet your diet restrictions without sacrificing the taste.

Cafe Library

I’ve shared a lot of positives with you about this cafe but my all-time favorite part is the library they have at the entrance. As soon as you walk through the door, you are welcomed by shelves of books that you are welcome to borrow and return on another day.

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I am an avid reader and a lover of books so of course, this warmed my heart and made me giddy. Plus, it just totally goes with the aesthetic of a wholesome coffee shop.

So, if you need a place with free wifi and a comfortable atmosphere, you want to grab a good book to read, or you need a killer gluten-free meal, you now know where to go.

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