To the person who sped past me in Windham while I was shoveling out my mailbox next to the road:

We got a lot of snow during The Blizzard of '22. All that snow on the roads has to go somewhere so we can all get to where we need to be. Plow drivers work tirelessly to make that happen, but the snow had to go to the side of the road, which means it's the homeowner's responsibility to shovel out their mailboxes and clear the snowbanks enough for mail trucks to pull up to the mailbox to deposit mail inside.

That's what I was doing on the day after the storm. Digging out shovel fulls of snow and tossing them back further from the road. Tedious work to say the least, but also dangerous work that close to a road where so many people go way too fast, like you.

Jeff Parsons
Jeff Parsons

I had a bright red winter jacket on and against a white snowbank, that's a hard thing to miss, but it didn't seem hard for you. I could hear you approaching, your big truck roaring and as I turned to look you flew by me close enough to throw snow from the road right at me, covering my bright red jacket with white snow as well as my face.

There's a move-over law on Maine's highways that requires drivers to move over when approaching police vehicles and any other vehicles with amber or green lights on the side of the road. It's for their protection, to make sure they aren't hit by passing motorists.

Now, I understand that this road is not a highway, but you flew by me like it was. The speed limit was 35. I don't have a radar gun, but I'm pretty sure you weren't at 35. I also realize it's not a two-lane highway, but you were much closer than you needed to be especially at that speed and the snow tossed at me proves it.

Next time you go flying down the road, especially after a snow storm, please take the time to be aware of those clearing their driveways and digging out mailboxes. Slow down, and if there's no oncoming traffic, give them a little extra room. Please?

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