You've probably heard the phrase "confidence is sexy" but according to a new survey done by beauty company Ipsy and shared by Priceonomics, women in Maine don't find themselves to be very sexy. Ipsy sent out a survey nationwide to their customers that consisted of a simple question:

"do you consider yourself sexy?"

Only 6%(!!) of women from Maine responded with a yes. That was by far the lowest percentage of yes responses in the country. South Dakota and Vermont were the next closest at 13%. So what's up with women in Maine not finding themselves sexy?

Courtesy of Priceonomics via Ipsy
Courtesy of Priceonomics via Ipsy

Perhaps it was in the wording of the question and the options for answers. Ipsy also gave women the option to say they feel sexy "sometimes". Maine women responded with that answer the 3rd most of any state in the country, at 71%.

Maine women also responded with one of the lowest "no" percentages in the country, at 9%.

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