Every band has a group of devoted fans that shows up at almost every concert, waits for the band after gigs and owns just about every piece of merchandise you can buy. But sometimes those fans go into super-crazy obsession mode. And that's exactly what happens to one Arctic Monkeys fan in the group's new video for 'Snap Out of It.'

At first, it appears that the woman lounging around the pool is just having a typical summer day outdoors. But then she goes inside, puts on some lingerie and pops in a VHS(!) video featuring some behind-the-scenes footage of the Arctic Monkeys.

Then things get weird. She starts to weep while watching the band chatting in the studio. Between her uncontrollable dancing around the apartment and the near make-out session with the TV screen when frontman Alex Turner shows up, this is one fan who's gone a little off the edge.

The Arctic Monkeys played Bonnarroo over the weekend, and are currently touring the U.S. before heading to Europe. They'll then head back to the States before wrapping up the year in South America. You can see their full itinerary here.

And here's a clip of Arctic Monkeys performing an acoustic version of 'Do I Wanna Know?' in moody black and white:

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