The classic comic book character Archie will be no more. Have you heard how it will happen? A bit too much for comics? Just right for the times? Read about it here and chime in!


Since 1941, Archie has been charming everyone in comic books by crusin' in his convertible, meeting chicks, going to school and going to school and going to school and still going to school and spending time with good friends. Life lessons and entertainment for young people and some older people alike. Fun times. Times of understanding and learning.

Recently, Archie Comics have decided to continue that game plan in an issue where Archie will be shot and killed protecting a gay friend. That's a lot to tackle in an issue. Keep in mind though, this is Archie 2014! It's not just about breaking up with girls or not making the football team anymore. Comic books aren't just rolled up and thrown in our back pockets while we hop on a pedal skooter to go buy some bubblegum at the candy store. Comics are a bit different, because LIFE is a bit different. Art imitating life.


Read about it all below and feel free to chime in here, or on our FB page (where the post is located) and please, remember to be kind and speak intelligently about your views. This is a great forum opportunity here. Let's not ruin it with hate or foolish talk.

please click right here.....  ARCHIE'S FINAL STAND