Perhaps frustrated by the leaked shots of the Batmobile from the 'Batman vs. Superman' set, director Zack Snyder took to Twitter late last night to post an update of his own: an official detailed shot of the new Batmobile.

We had seen a shot from this warehouse shoot earlier this year, but the Batmobile itself was mostly shrouded in smoke, hiding the majority of the vehicle itself. Snyder showed off a more revealing shot to his followers on Twitter last night.

Snyder followed up with some technical information, if you're interested. The photo was shot by set photographer Clay Enos using these specs: Nikon D800 ISO 500 24mm f/11 1/25th sec. We have no idea what all that means, but if you want to recreate your own Batmobile shot using your Chevy, now you can. Enos added, "No photoshop needed. Just good light, location and subject."

The first thing you notice looking at this new shot are the front-mounted machine guns, perfect for mowing down bad guys. Below that also looks like two flaps that can flip up giving the hood of the Batmobile an almost inclined ramp, not unlike what you saw Luke Evans driving in 'Fast and Furious 6'. Other specific details are hard to come by because we don't know what Batman has hidden in his new ride, but we'd expect more than just one set of machine guns on the front.

One thing we can tell is that, like this new Batman, the Batmobile here looks old and weathered. Snyder said he wanted an older Batman in 'Batman vs. Superman' and he seems to have the Batmobile to match. Here, the paint is chipped, there are scratches and dings and dents, and even some rust.

While the paparazzi shots gave us a good look at the design of the Batmobile, the official shot gives us a much, much better look at how the Batmobile will actually look in the film. looks pretty damn good. Far enough away from the Tumbler to not feel like a Christopher Nolan ripoff, but not so much a sports car to look like Tim Burton's version. Let us know what you think below!

'Batman vs. Superman' opens in theaters on March 28, 2016.

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