Water beads are growing in popularity because they do grow, and that's the danger.

Folichia Mitchell's nine-month-old daughter in Berwick ended up in the ICU after swallowing just one water bead that was her brother's. They had no idea what had happened before getting her to Maine Medical Center in Portland. It had been two days and her daughter wasn't eating. According to WMTW, the bead, which grows in water, had done just that in her small intestine, blocking it. Her gut-wrenching TikTok has had over two million views.

Now, one brand sold at Target is being recalled. If you aren't familiar with water beads, Parade defines what they are and why they are so popular:

Water beads (also referred to as "sensory beads" by some) are small, super-absorbent polymer crystals that, when placed in water, grow to be about the size of a marble. However, they can grow even bigger than that if they are placed in water for a longer period of time. In recent years, they have been trending as popular additions to sensory bins for kids. Kids love them because they first get to watch the crystals grow into the larger water beads that are colorful and squishy. Then, they can play with them and explore the fun feel and texture. The water beads have an irresistible look that is translucent and brightly colored.

Here they are in action.

Get refund information on water beads

These recalled kits were sold exclusively at Target. One child has died from ingesting them. Find out how you can get a refund here.

Little Kennedy has had to endure four surgeries, fight septic, and have all her major organs come close to failing. A friend of the family started a GoFundMe to help the family. It has exceeded its goal. It is still active if you can help. There was an update last year:

That feeling when the moment you are able to hold your baby in your arms again finally comes My heart could explode for this Mama right now!

Support for Kennedy Jane and Family GoFundMe
Support for Kennedy Jane and Family GoFundMe

Is there a warning on water beads?

There is a choking warning, but no warning on what could happen if they are ingested. So please heed the warning of a Mom in Berwick who just wants her daughter happy and healthy again.

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