We all know our favorite burgers, lobster rolls, pizza...but that delightful side dish the french fry - who has the best ones in Maine?


This was all spurred because MSN rated the 50 best fries in the country and Duckfat came in 3rd! In the whole country!

When a restaurant is called Duckfat, you can get a hunch right off the bat that its fries are going to be pretty good. And at this 12-year-old Portland sandwich shop, the fries are hand-cut throughout the day from local Maine potatoes and fried in — yes — duck fat. Tossed in seasoning salt and served in a cone with your choice of eight homemade dipping sauces, these fries are what dreams are made of. If you’re wondering what sort of sorcery created these fries, it’s worth knowing that Duckfat is actually an offshoot of Portland’s legendary Hugo’s, and chef–owner Rob Evans has won the Food & Wine Award for Best New Chef and the coveted James Beard Award for Best Chef: Northeast.


I love me a good fried potato. Actually, I haven't found a type of potato I don't love. But let's stick to fries...

Where are the best fries in Maine?



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