I don't need to tell you how amazing Acadia National Park is. It's Maine's golden child.

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Every year, millions of visitors make the trek up to Mount Desert Island to experience the wonder for themselves. And very few leave with frowns on their faces. It's pretty darn special.

Acadia is loaded with incredible hikes, beautiful mountains, a wondrous coastline, lush forests, and a wealth of wildlife that will leave anyone in awe. There's no denying its beauty. However, are there times during the year to take full advantage of this beauty?

According to one site, there's actually four months that sit above the rest.

The popular site Travel Experience has entire section devoted to America's national parks. This includes a brand-new chart the site put together so people can track the best months to visit their favorite parks.

The site took into account seasonal weather, overcrowding, annual events, road closures, and more.

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So, when is the best time to hit Acadia? Obviously overcrowding can be Acadia's biggest turnoff, so the site tried to steer-clear of the middle of summer. Plus, weather is a major factor in the cooler months. That leaves four months that Travel Experience says are the ideal time. Those would be late spring/early summer months of May and June, and the fall months of September and October.

It's near impossible to disagree with these. Sure, it might be a bit congested in June, but nothing like the middle of summer. And who doesn't love experiencing Acadia (or really anywhere in Maine) during the fall months? There's nothing like it.

Two completely different times of year to get two completely different experiences. That's the wonder of Acadia.

You can check out the entire chart here. It's a great way to plan your next national park visit.

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