Lisa Asselin of Biddeford, Maine has been a hardcore fan of NASCAR since childhood, when she started collecting NASCAR memorabilia and never missed a race. When she grew up, however, coasters and posters didn't cut it anymore. She needed to display her love of racing cars and her favorite racer, Dale Earnhardt, and his son Dale Jr. who continues his racing legacy, through tattoos. She proclaims herself a lifetime fan in one of her largest pieces on her thigh:

To date, Lisa has at least 13 NASCAR-themed tattoos, many of which take up whole areas of her body. She has a tribute to Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s car, #3, displayed broadly across her other thigh...

...Along with Dale Jr.'s car, #88:

The absolute ballsiest, and my personal favorite for its sheer upfront proclamation of Lisa's fanhood, resides on her chest:

Lisa says she had a private meet and greet with Dale Jr. in 2017 and has only 2 non-NASCAR tattoos. Her other tattoos are a combination of checkered flags, specific championships won by the father and son racing pair:

I challenge you to find a more devoted NASCAR fan! Lisa says, "I'm a lifetime fan and will always wear my Earnhardt tattoos loud and proud."