Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong recently addressed a certain population of autograph seekers with a request.

In an Instagram post seen below, Armstrong speaks directly to the eBay autograph collectors asking for a little less aggressive approach with some common sense and respect for the others who are also waiting for him.

His post reads as follows:

Dear eBay autograph collectors, I know you want to get musicians to sign records. I understand you make a living from signed memorabilia and I’m cool with it. I’m happy to sign your stuff. But please stop shoving your way through real fans. Especially the young ones that just want to have a moment to talk. I love getting to know our GD fans and having real conversations. But when the eBay guys shove shit in my face ( literally getting hit in the face with a guitar) you make it near impossible to get to know real fans. Please respect my and and the real fans space. We’re just trying to get to know each other. Peace.

While Green Day are enjoying a bit of a break, Armstrong has spent the early part of 2018 with his new project The Longshot. While the band recently had to bow out of some touring, a number of dates have been rescheduled. Check their tour schedule here and take Armstrong's advice to heart if you have a chance to approach him at a show.

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