Here's a message that should help strengthen our resolve as we do our best to patiently wait for when it's safe to start opening more places up again. That is of course if you ever got into big enough trouble with your parents when you were kid that they kept you inside and didn't let you play with your friends.

Believe it or not, I only remember one incident growing up that required the consequence of a lockdown at home. Come to to think of it, the punishment was more of a stricter curfew rather than actually being grounded. Now ya wanna know what I did wrong, don't ya?

Well, I was about 17 and my parents found a quarter ounce of the "devil's lettuce" in my jean jacket. You see, I lost my wallet and my mother was just trying to help by checking through some of my stuff. She didn't find my wallet. She did however find a fresh bag I had just acquired.

This is 17 year old me in my Class of '85 senior photo from Cony High School taken in August of 1984 right around the time of the incident.

James Clark Photo 1984
James Clark Photo 1984


My folks were pretty freaked out to discover this. It wasn't because they found weed in my possession. I have older siblings, so this wasn't a new aspect of raising a teenager to them. What freaked them, out was the amount. My dad saw the quarter ounce and immediately deduced that I must be dealing.

With that reaction from him, I thought for sure that I would be grounded for the rest of the year. Nope. I sheepishly asked what my punishment would be.

My parents then sentenced me to having to be home by 9p on weeknights and by 11p on the weekends. As I remember, this 'harsh' sentence lasted 14 days.

And what about the bag of weed? I thought my Dad might flush it down the toilet. Again. Nope. He handed it back to me and told me to "get rid of it".

You can bet I did. I had till 9p on weeknights and 11p on the weekends to share it with my circle of buddies. I'm pretty sure it didn't take long to "get rid of it".

Anyhow, here's the latest sign from Bingas Windham that inspired me to tell story of the 'groundation' of my youth.

They cleverly remind Mainers that most of us have got this staying home thing down. Thanks Bingas! Your displayed musings always give us a good laugh.

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