Remember when the summer in Maine was HOT? Almost feels like a lifetime ago. This weekend doesn't look like it's going to help those memories either, as several forecast models are promising some bitterly cold temperatures on Friday and Saturday. Not only that, if a storm shifts just the right way, most of Maine will be seeing snow this weekend as well.

According to NewsCenterMaine's Todd Gutner, there really could be two outcomes for the weather this weekend. The storm tracks offshore and we all just bust out our winter clothing a littler earlier than any of us wanted to. OR, the storm could track our way, and we all end up busting out our winter clothing AND a few shovels as well to clean up snow that almost nobody wants in early-November.

The more likely of the two outcomes will become clearly as the weekend gets closer. Either way, you can put those beach memories into officially hibernation because whether we see snow or not, temperatures are going to drop into the teens in some parts of the state this weekend and everywhere in Maine should drop below freezing during the overnight hours. If you haven't turned on the heat yet bub, now's about a good time.

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