For many years throughout the 80's and early 90's, Bonanza Steakhouse was found in many different towns and cities across the state of Maine. But as restaurant chains often ebb and flow, only two Bonanza Steakhouse locations remained in the Pine Tree State, one in Sanford and the other in Presque Isle. And now thanks to a downturn in business due to Covid-19, there will be only one left standing.

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The Bonanza Steakhouse in Sanford took to Facebook to announce that they would closing their doors permanently on June 30th. Bonanza states that for the last two months, the restaurant has been operating at only 15% sales revenue they normally would draw in and without any clear indication when they can allow patrons back into the restaurant consistently, their hand has been forced and they must shut their doors permanently.

The Bonanza location in Sanford opened back in 1984 and outlasted every other Bonanza location in southern and central Maine. It has remained a fixture for many families in the area, who enjoyed the large salad bar filled with choices and of course, the sirloin tips that Bonanza became famous for.

The restaurant will remain open until June 30th in case you want to get one more meal in. The Presque Isle location of Bonanza Steakhouse is not affected by this closure.

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